Exchange Wax for Foundation

We offer the beekeeper value for money if they would like to bring into us or send to us their solid wax.

We offer foundation in exchange for every pound received or as specified by the beekeeper.

There are two methods we use in doing this:

  1. We can do a straight swap
  2. We will pay €2.00 per Lb

Phone the office on 0402 24878 or email order[email protected] for more details or to arrange a swap.

These rates apply if the wax received is of GOOD quality

When no cash is changing hands (STRAIGHT SWAP) the tables below apply

Up to 50lbs

Foundation required

Qty of sheets per lb

BS Deep 4.0
BS Shallow 6.50
BS Shallow Cut Comb 8.50
Commercial Deep 3.00
Commercial Shallow 5.0
Commercial Shallow Cut Comb 6.0
Dadant Deep 0.0
Dadant Shallow 0.0
Langstroth Deep 3.0
Langstroth Shallow 5.0
14″ x 12″ 2.50
3 Section Lengths


4 Section Lengths 11.0


Above 50lbs

Foundation required

Qty of sheets per lb

BS Deep 4.50
BS Shallow 7.00
BS Shallow Cut Comb 9.00
Commercial Deep 3.50
Commercial Shallow 5.50
Commercial Shallow Cut Comb 6.50
Dadant Deep 0
Dadant Shallow 0
Langstroth Deep 3.50
Langstroth Shallow 5.50
14″ x 12″ 3.00
3 Section Lengths 16.00
4 Section Lengths 13.00