The Honey Bee : Inside Out


A clear introduction of the value of the honey bee, now updated in a second edition.What Celia Davis brings to this area of beekeeping is clarity. A ‘must have’ for any beekeeping library. Adrian Waring, NDB, past General Secretary, British Beekeepers’ Association. This book is designed to present detailed information about the anatomy and physiology of the honey bee in a clear and concise format. Each of the eight chapters cover an aspect of bee biology and all are copiously illustrated. The author has drawn most of the diagrams from her own dissections, giving a realistic rather that idealistic impression of the parts involved. The sections are:• External bodywork • Internal workings • Control systems • Breeding • Growing up • Keeping it all together • Colony reproduction • Inside and outside influences. Also included are an appendix giving the background to scientific terminology, a wide-ranging glossary including phonetic spellings and suggestions for further reading.

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